2019 – 4th of December – Science Park 904

The CONGres conference is an annual event, organised by biomedical- and (psycho)biology students of student association CONGO of the University of Amsterdam. This year’s theme is Apocalypse: Life after life ends and will be held on the 4th of December 2019. To make this event a highlight in the academic year we are inviting speakers who can greatly contribute to this conference with their research and knowledge. This will be the twelfth year that student association CONGO will organise and host this annual conference. Over the last years the conference has grown from a select and small group of visitors to last year’s sold out event with over 250 visitors. Previous subjects have included “Science and Religion”, “Breaking Balance”, “Food & Science” and “The Art of Biology”. We are currently working to make this year a great addition to the repertoire of conferences hosted by CONGO.

The conference main target audience are our own students at the life sciences faculty of the University of Amsterdam. We will however encourage students and researchers from different faculties and universities to attend our conference to further broaden their view on the most current research.

The lectures will be held in English. Dinner is included for all visitors and speakers.