The CONGres is a congress organised by Biology, Psychobiology and Biomedical Sciences students from student association CONGO of the University of Amsterdam.

Meet this year’s CONGres committee!

Cassandra – Chair

Welcome to the CONGres of 2023!

I’m Cassandra and this year, I’m the chair of the CONGres committee. I make sure everything goes as planned to make the CONGres a success. 

Me and the rest of the committee are already working hard on this year’s CONGres and we can’t wait to tell you more. 

In the next few weeks, the rest of the committee will be introduced to you and soon we will let you know more about the event itself. 

We’ve got a lot planned for you, so stay tuned!

Vonne – Vice-Chair and Secretary

I’m Vonne and I have two functions this year. First I’m Cassandra’s right hand. I help her if it’s a little bit too much for her to handle alone. Furthermore, I am the secretary this year. I plan our meetings and I will be the head of ticket sales. 

So if you want to come to the CONGres this year, hit me up and I will get you your ticket. You will not regret it! 😉

Rebecca – Treasurer

Hii, I’m Rebecca! I am the Treasurer of this year’s congress, which means I’m the one responsible for how we spend our money. This is really fun, since this allows me to have an overview of everything that is happening during the preparations. I am really looking forward to this year’s CONGres and I hope I’ll see you there! <3 

Jesse – Head of Speakers

Hello, I am Jesse. Together with Toon I am one of the two Heads of Speakers, responsible for finding interesting lecturers for the CONGres. This means that we find suitable speakers and make sure that they talk about their interesting studies at our event. This is a very fun task, because me and Toon get to work together and we keep in touch with the speakers.

I really look forward to this year’s CONGres and I hope to see you there!

Toon – Head of Speakers

Hola! I’m Toon, one of the two Heads of Speakers this year. Together with Jesse I am responsible for finding fitting speakers for our CONGres and keeping contact with them. This is very exciting to do since it enables you to dive into all kinds of topics that could in some way be linked to the theme of the congress. I’m very excited for this year’s rendition and I hope that you all share this excitement with me!

Lars – Head of Acquisition

Hi there! I’m Lars, this is my third year as a committee member. This year I will be doing the Acquisition. I am responsible for acquiring funds and sponsoring to set up this great event! I spend most of my time e-mailing and putting in grant applications. This year’s edition is going to be a mind-boggling one, so be sure to get your ticket when they go on sale!

Melle – Head of Experience Room

Hi! I’m Melle and I’m the Head of the Experience Room this year. Between the lectures, there is time to relax, eat, drink, talk and most importantly: further exploring our theme of this year ‘Talk bio to me’ in our Experience Room! I’ll make sure that the Experience Room is created and decorated in a way we think it will complete your experience of this years CONGres.

Menthe – Head of Logistics

Hi hi! I’m Menthe, the Head of Logistics. I take care of the location and coördinate that everything and everyone is at the right place at the right moment. I’ll also make sure that we all eat a delicious dinner and have enough drinks. 

Besides, I’m responsible for our amazing volunteers who help to make the CONGres run smoothly. So, if you’re interested, slide in our DM’s!! 😉

Francis – Head of Promotions

Hi! I’m Francis, and as this year’s Head of Promotions I’m in charge of all promotional communication about this year’s CONGres. I will be managing our Instagram account (@congocongres) and our website, among other tasks. This also means it’s my responsibility to get you as excited for the CONGres as we are! I hope I will be able to convince you all to come to this year’s edition “Talk bio to me”, I promise you won’t regret it! 

Mara – General Member

I’m Mara, a general member. It’s my job to provide extra support to all the other members of the CONGres committee. When things get tough I will be the one on call. This way I get to see every aspect of the congress. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all during the CONGres!

Annette – General Member

I’m Annette, a CONGresCie veteran and a general member of the committee this year. Wherever help is needed, I can lend a hand to the others to ensure everything runs smoothly. I’m very excited for this next edition of our CONGres and I hope to see you all on March 15th!