CONGres 2021 – A Life Of Pleasure, What’s Your…?

We all have things we like, music we enjoy, games that we play, guilty pleasures in the bedroom. But why do they make us happy? What does “pleasure” even mean? And when does pleasure become obsession? That’s the questions we asked ourselves here at the Congres Committee of study association C.O.N.G.O. We looked far and wide and found professors and professionals that could answer these questions for us and elaborate on the subjects of play, sex, drugs, and music. This will all culminate on the 11th of March 2021, to create this year’s CONGres: A life of pleasure, what’s your thrill?

The CONGres is an annual event organised by the Congress Committee of study association CONGO from Amsterdam. Every year, speakers from both the Netherlands and abroad are sought to speak about a specific theme. The CONGres is presented in English and is aimed at broadening the knowledge of the students of the FNWI, but everyone is welcome to join and learn with us!!

This year will be a little bit different than normal however. With the pandemic keeping us in its grip, we searched for other ways to give our speakers a stage. Thus, this year’s CONGres will be streamed live from De Balie in Amsterdam! Every speaker will take the stage for 20 minutes, to present their subject in a short talk, after which there will be time for questions and discussion. In between the talks, there will be time to unwind and experience the subject in a different way. 

Are you interested? Do you want to find out why your pleasure is so pleasurable?  Come and join us on Thursday the 11th.

Stay tuned trough our social media accounts and this website to learn more about our speakers and last but not least, what is your thrill?