This year’s congress will consist of 4 rounds with an Experience Room for an interactive interruption.

In round 1 main speaker dr. Laura E. Webb will tell you all about animals and wellbeing.

In round 2 you can choose between two parallel lectures. Do you want to learn about addiction? Then go listen what prof. dr. Reinout Wiers has to tell you. Do you want to learn about the pleasures in music? Then you should go listen to prof. dr. Marc leman.

After the first two rounds, it will be time for a short break. Grab some snacks, refill your glasses, and regain your energy, for after this break you can partake in an interactive activity, which we will keep secret for the time being…

After this interactive surprise, we will continue with round 3. Round 3 again consists of two parallel lectures. The first lecture is given by dr. Heidi M.B. Lesscher and she will tell you about playing for resilience. In the other lecture, dr. Elise Wuyts will tell you about the biology of BDSM.

Last, but surely not least, in round 4 main speaker Prof. dr. Jean-Cristophe Billeter will talk about the well-known Drosophila melanogaster, or fruit flies. The title of his lecture is: Is sex fun for flies?